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Photo GalleryJanuary2003
Plum blossoms.
A restaurant garden.
A maple leaf.
A bamboo grove.
Maple leaves.
Angler fish.
Shadows and reflections.
An alpine.
Mineko Orisaku

Elusive Treasures

of Light and Shadow

For photographer Mineko Orisaku,
there is an ethereal delicacy to the interplay
of light and shadow in Japan that she finds endlessly fascinating.
It is an elusive and ever-changing thing, yet its sudden rewards
-- the shimmer of light reflected off water,
or the poignant pastels of a leafy glade --
make its pursuit a quest she cannot abandon.

All to often, we pass through life without noticing the great beauty that surrounds us," says Mineko Orisaku. "So I take great pleasure in discovering the little treasures of 'found art' that nature presents us with."
Widely noted for her ability to capture ambience and atmosphere, Orisaku's images often seem more like paintings than photographs. But the natural world is not her only subject -- she is also much in demand as a portraitist. "To me, portraiture is like the hunt. To capture someone at their best, you must become very small, and not impinge on their personal space. With nature photography, it is possible to have a much more direct relationship with your subject, to feel its rhythm, and click the shutter at precisely the 'right' moment."
Orisaku has also found digital photography, which she first encountered in the context of shooting during a live television broadcast, to be very much to her liking. The immediacy of it reminds her of the retinal after-image of human sight, and imbues each image with an emotional depth of personal feeling. And we think that our readers will agree that the seasonal images of Japan chosen for the PURSUIT Photo Gallery are indeed treasures of light and shadow.


Mineko Orisaku

Having grown up in Ishikawa Prefecture, an area celebrated for the exceptional beauty of its pottery and fabrics, Mineko Orisaku has always had a natural eye for color and texture. Her career as a photographer got its start in Tokyo in 1982 when she joined Otake Studio and began studying under the tutelage of Shoji Otake. In 1987 she struck out on her own and lived for two years in Boston, Massachusetts, continuing to take photographs, many of which were featured in her 1992 collection, "Boston in the Time." Since then she has released a number of collections, hosted a series of photography workshops on national television, and traveled. She is also frequently asked to appear as a guest commentator on art and photography, and as an avid proponent of digital photography, is slated to host a new program on digital photography in the spring of 2003.
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